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Get a tEDAx netlist from a gschem schematic.

gaf_tedax by Alain V. on 2017-12-29

Tags: howto, format, tEDAx, schematics, netlist, xorn, gschem, geda, gaf

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Abstract: How to get a tEDAx netlist using "xorn netlist" command

  tEDAx netlist back-end has been recently added to gEDA xorn netlister.

This is a step-by-step description of commands/actions needed to get such a netlist, out of a gschem schematic.

The Linux environment is Fedora 27, and some commands might need adaptation depending on the distribution.

Assumption is user aa wants to locally install the suite in /home/aa/local .

Prepare the development environment

gEDA needs GTK2, cairo, GUILE and Python2 for xorn. Check your system against pre-requisites, some commands such as

dnf install guile-devel guile-cairo-devel
dnf install python2-devel

might be needed.

Install "latest" git version of gEDA

Get your schematic ready

You might use the schematic test/cluster/elem/untitled.sch or whatever gEDA schematic gschem can handle.

Launch the netlister

xorn netlist -o test/cluster/elem/untitled.tedax -g tedax \
  --symbol-library=/home/aa/local/share/gEDA/sym/analog \
  --symbol-library=/home/aa/local/share/gEDA/sym/titleblock \

Please note: Since there are no default paths and no configuration files are read, you will have to specify all symbol and source paths on the command line.