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Fullscreen: more pixels for editing on GTK

fullscreen by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2016-09-25

Tags: announcement, ui, gui, screen, menu, small screen, small

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Abstract: Action, button and hotkey for better utilization screen space sing the gtk HID. When "full screen mode" activated, almost the entire window is used for editing.

  On small screen the overhead of the menu line, bottom status line and left layer selection bar is just too expensive. Since 1.1.2, the gtk hid can be switched between the usual setup and a so called "full screen mode" where most widgets are hidden, leaving much more screen space to the editor widget. There's a FullScreen() action that can set or toggle the state and a default key binding in gtk on the backslash ('\') to toggle it.

Further plans: Make hiding various parts of the GUI configurable. No plans to implement it for the lesstif HID (it's in full-screen mode constantly anyway).