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Extended objects: bus

extobj_bus by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2020-03-08

Tags: howto, extended, object, objects, extobj, line, bus, differential, pair, multi, track

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Abstract: Thje bus extended object is intended for simplify drawing bundles of evenly spaced parallel traces. The two main use cases are differential pairs and parallel buses.

  The edit-object is a series of line objects (extobj::role=edit, on any layer). There can be multiple edit-objects. Parallel traces of fixed geometry at fixed pitch are rendered under each edit object on the target layer. Joints are properly handled as long as:

Note: junctions are not possible.

Extobj details:

When a cover line is converted into a bus, the following defaults are set up:

An example/test board is available.

Demo video:

Steps shown in the video: