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pcb-rnd's native support for Eagle XML (.brd) files

eagle2 by Erich S. Heinzle (VK5HSE) on 2017-05-08

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Abstract: How to load Eagle xml files in pcb-rnd.

  Taking advantage of the modular import/export infrastructure in pcb-rnd that was first exploited for KiCad s-expression and KiCad legacy layout support, an IO module has recently been developed to allow native import of Eagle XML (.brd) layout files.

Update!!!!! - December 2017:

pcb-rnd now has native Eagle Binary (V3, v4, v5) import support, as well as Eagle XML and Eagle Binary library (.lib) support.

This is a significant milestone as it allows recovery of archived Eagle XML and binary format designs by existing or previous Eagle users, as well as facilitating continued distribution and use of open hardware designs originally designed in Eagle and then shared with the maker/OSHW community.

Here is an example, an Eagle XML format OSHW design, namely, the Replicape A4, from:


loaded directly into pcb-rnd:

Further testing is needed to refine text scaling and validate element placement/rotation routines.

Users are invited to experiment and make feature requests or report any issues.