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Data model rewrite state

data_switch by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2018-01-20

Tags: roadmap, data, model, rewrite, state, table

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Abstract: Current state, progress.

  These have to be done in approximately this order:

task state
doc: add new done
core: implement new done
io_lihata: v4, native format support new done
plugins: alien format support new done (see below, second column)
UI switchover: via tool, menu done
plugins: alien format remove old done
io_lihata: v5, native format remove old done
core: remove old done
UI switchover: styles should use padstacks pending (next cycle)
doc: remove old pending

These can be done in random order:

alien format plugin add new del old comments
io_tedax done done  
io_pcb done done  
export_dsn done done needs extensive testing
io_lihata: v1, v2, v3 done done  
io_autotrax done done needs extensive testing
io_eagle done done  
io_hyp done done needs extensive testing
io_kicad done done  
io_kicad_legacy done done  
io_mentor_cell postponed postponed unfinished plugin, disabled by default
export_fidocadj done done still needs some testing
export_ipcd356 done done rewritten, test against our brand new IPC-D-356 importer
export_openscad done done  
export_stat done done  
export_xy done done  
smaller effort feature plugins
report done done  
mincut done done  
vendordrill done done  
distalign done done  
teardrops done done  
renumber done done