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DAD widget upgrade state

dad_upgrade by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2018-10-09

Tags: roadmap, DAD, dialog, widget, rewrite

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Abstract: Current standing and plans for the widget implementation for the DAD dialog rewrite. Long term all gtk and lesstif dialogs are to be rewritten as DAD dialogs in their corresponding plugins or in the dialogs plugin. For this, the DAD API and the backends in HIDs need to be upgraded to support all widgets that will be in use in the new dialogs.


DAD widgets

feature gtk widget gtk DAD lesstif widget lesstif DAD comments
tree-table 100% (native) 100% (Igor2) 70% (Bogdan) 0% (Igor2)  
pane split 100% (native) 100% (Igor2) 100% (native) 100% (Igor2) motif API doesn't support set operation
progressbar 100% (native) 100% (Igor2) 100% 100% (Igor2)  
icon 100% (native) 100% (Igor2) 100% 100% (Igor2) colored icon for decorating some dialog boxes
icon button 100% (native) 90% (Igor2) 100% 90% (Igor2) colored icon button for the toolbar
text edit box 100% (native)? 0% (Igor2) TODO 0% (Igor2) scripting
truncated text 100% (Alain) 0% (Igor2) TODO 0% (Igor2)  
preview 100% 100% (Igor2) 100% 100% (Igor2) missing for now: zoom/pan
color pick native? TODO TODO TODO  

top window widgets/building blocks

feature gtk widget gtk DAD lesstif widget lesstif DAD
layer/grp entry 90% 0% (Igor2) TODO 0% (Igor2)
layer selector 50% 0% (Igor2) TODO 0% (Igor2)
toolbar 90% 0% (Igor2) TODO 0% (Igor2)
statusbar 50% 0% (Igor2) TODO 0% (Igor2)
coord readout 50% 0% (Igor2) TODO 0% (Igor2)