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Tutorials for using pcb-rnd

Itutorials by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2021-06-19

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Abstract: This node is a collection of links to user tutorials for various levels of pcb-rnd users from beginners to advanced.


1. Beginner: how to start using pcb-rnd

1.1. Long, complete

1.2. Short, per feature

2. Advanced: fancy features, tips & tricks

2.1. Footprint creation

2.2. Efficient editing

2.3. Import

2.4. Export

2.5. Tricky PCB fab processes

2.6. Managing complex objects

2.7. QA

2.8. User scripting

2.9. Misc

3. Old, somewhat outdated

These are made with old versions of pcb-rnd. Some parts of the processes shown here should still work and are still relevant, but there has been major changes in recent versions and/or the same goals can be achieved by much simpler ways.