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Index: tips for file format developers

Ifmt_dev by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2018-02-19

Tags: index, format, formats, file format, developer

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Abstract: This node is a collection of pointers to other nodes that developers of file formats and file format related code (e.g. io_* plugins) will find useful. Some nodes contain example files that could be used in round-trip load/save tests.

  The nodes host random snippets of information useful for those who are developing file format related code: IO_ plugins, exporters, importers.

Most snippets are format-neutral and describe how the core represents some aspect of the data. Example pcb files are included for all possible cases of representation.

node example file about
poly_dev_ex yes polygon examples
print_coord no how to print coords in a text format (avoiding rounding errors)
old_pinshape yes obsolate pin shapes (.pcb format extension)
old_thermal yes old thermal bit layout; example on all available thermal shapes (works with the new bit values too)