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Real name:Evan Foss
Roles in pcb-rnd:tester
Focus: tester, openems
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Location: Massachusetts, USA (EST)

I was an early adopter of gEDA after vendor lock-in of Electronics Workbench caused me to lose a lot of work. Multisim really gave me trouble too. After that I felt burned by closed source and closed format tools. I got involved in PCB-RND after the increasingly toxic environment of gEDA's mailing list made me want a more positive space.

I joined Igor2 in the earliest days of PCB-RND. I am still active on gEDA's mailing list but I am only contributing to PCB-RND and its associated projects now. If there is an issue on PCB-RND, such as a test you want to duplicate, let me know on the PCB-RND mailing list and we can meet up on IRC or another online communication medium if necessary.

I am lucky in that my employer sees value in the CAD software I use so I can be available during that time to do some work (really just testing/verification) on the project. Outside of my working hours, I try to contribute more. My day job is currently spent designing instrumentation for basic science research in the hearing field. It was not glamorous, but I am the person who did all of the manual verification for the RTT (round trip testing) on our PNG files. I am probably going to be the doing the same to the gerber output later.

As a project (outside of work) I am trying to create a bridge (exporter) in pcb-rnd and a matching pcb layout library in openEMS. The idea behind this project is to move the full artwork of a design in pcb-rnd to openEMS (which is in 3D) so that things like pcb antennas can be simulated.

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